• Agaricus bisporus;
  • Breeding system;
  • Genetic linkage;
  • Map expansion


A previous map of the genome of a hybrid strain which had European parents belonging to the secondarily homothallic fungus Agaricusbisporus var. bisporus appeared to be unusually compact, with a particularly recombophobic segment in the central part of chromosome I. A new map of this segment was constructed based on allelic segregations among 103 homokaryotic offspring of an A. bisporus hybrid between a European parent of the var. bisporus and a Californian parent of the heterothallic var. burnettii. Markers completely linked on the previous map were distributed along 28 cM in the new map. These results suggest that the greater recombination rate could be correlated with the outbreeding behaviour of the var. burnettii.