• Hemolysin II;
  • Hly-II;
  • DNA sequence;
  • Bacillus cereus


Hemolysin II gene from Bacillus cereus VKM-B771 has been sequenced. The deduced primary translation product consists of 412 amino acid residues which corresponds to the protein with an Mr of 45.6 kDa. The predicted mature Hly-II protein (residues 32 to 412) is of 42.3 kDa, which is in close agreement with the mini-cell electrophoresis analysis. Hly-II deletion variant lacking 96 C-terminal residues still has hemolytic activity. The protein primary structure analysis revealed no homology with any known Bacillus cytolysins. Significant general homology (31–28% identity) was found between the hemolysin II and Staphylococcus aureus alpha-toxin, gamma-hemolysin (HlgB), and leukocidins (LukF, LukF-R, LukF-PV). The data suggest that hemolysin II belongs to the group of β-channel forming cytolysins.