• furan metabolism;
  • Pseudomonas;
  • furoic acid;
  • transcriptional profiling


Pseudomonas putida Fu1 metabolizes furfural through a pathway involving conversion to 2-oxoglutarate, via 2-furoic acid (FA) and coenzyme A intermediates. Two P. putida transposon mutants were isolated that had impaired growth on furfural and FA, and DNA flanking the transposon insertion site was cloned from both mutants. The transposons disrupted psfB, a LysR-family regulatory gene in mutant PSF2 and psfF, a GcvR-type regulatory gene in PSF9. Disruption of two genes adjacent to psfB demonstrated that both are important for growth on FA, and ORFs in the proximity of psfB and psfF were transcriptionally activated during growth of P. putida on FA. Transcript levels increased in response to FA by 10-fold (a putative permease gene) to >1000-fold (a putative decarboxylase gene). The LysR-family gene appears to act positively, and the GcvR-family gene negatively, in regulating expression of neighboring genes in response to FA.