Application of an immunoaffinity-based preconcentration method for mass spectrometric analysis of the O-chain polysaccharide of Aeromonas salmonicida from in vitro- and in vivo-grown cells


  • Editor: Craig Shoemaker

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In this study, application of magnetic beads (Dynabeads) coated with Aeromonas salmonicida lipopolysaccharide-specific polyclonal antisera to MS-based characterization of bacterial lipopolysaccharides has been evaluated. The results showed that the affinity-based preconcentration strategy resulted in at least a 100-fold increase in the detection of sensitivity, affording direct capillary electrophoresis (CE)-MS analysis of A. salmonicida lipopolysaccharide O-chain polysaccharide from in vitro-cultured cells. Subsequent CE-MS analysis of in vivo-grown cells of A. salmonicida confirmed significant changes in the structure of the lipopolysaccharide O-chain polysaccharide as a result of in vivo cultivation.