• flagellin;
  • Lactococcus;
  • adhesion;
  • immunomodulation


Bacillus cereus CH is a probiotic strain used in human nutrition whose adhesion to mucin is dependent on its surface-associated flagellin. Flagellins from the surface of several probiotic Bacillus strains were efficiently extracted with 5 M LiCl and identified by peptide fingerprinting. Based on the proteomic analysis, cloning of the gene coding for the flagellin of B. cereus CH was performed in the lactococcal vector pNZ8110 under the control of a nisin-inducible promoter. The resulting strain, Lactococcus lactis CH, produced a surface-associated flagellin after 6 h of induction with nisin. The recombinant Lactococcus strain adhered strongly to mucin-coated polystyrene plates, whilst inhibiting competitively the adhesion of the pathogens Escherichia coli LMG2092 and Salmonella enterica ssp. enterica LMG15860 to the same molecule. Strain CH could be used in further experimentation for the characterization of the molecular mechanism of action of this probiotic B. cereus CH flagellin.