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We are pleased to start this new volume and year with a review by Professor Philippe Sansonetti (Institute Pasteur) entitled ‘Rupture, invasion and inflammatory destruction of the intestinal barrier by Shigella, making sense of prokaryote-eukaryote cross-talks’. This is based on the lecture he gave at the FEMS Meeting in Sevilla in September 2000 on receiving the inaugural Lwoff Medal. The citation stated that the medal was awarded to Professor Sansonetti ‘For Outstanding Service to Microbiology in Europe’.

The FEMS Lwoff Medal was commissioned as part of the celebrations marking the Silver Jubilee of the Federation in commemoration of Professor André Lwoff who served as the first President from 1974 to 1976. It is fitting that Professor Sansonetti is from the same institution as Professor Lwoff. Both the medal and Professor Sansonetti are pictured.

FEMS Microbiology Reviews will continue to publish award-winning work and other high quality reviews. We invite readers to submit proposals for reviews to Editors who have appropriate interests. The list of Receiving Editors for 2001 and the instructions to potential authors are given in this issue. Editors will be seeking reviews that are authoritative and of interest to a general microbiological readership. From the beginning of 2001 most unsolicited manuscripts will be returned without expert review.

Nigel L. Brown

Chief Editor