Vaccination against meningococcal disease in Europe: review and recommendations for the use of conjugate vaccines


  • Present address: Caroline L. Trotter, Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol, Canynge Hall, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2PR, UK

  • Editor: Matthias Frosch

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At the end of 2005, six European countries had implemented public immunization campaigns with serogroup C conjugate vaccines, and all had experienced substantial declines in the incidence of serogroup C disease. A quadrivalent ACWY meningococcal vaccine is in use in the USA, but serogroup A is extremely rare in Europe and serogroups Y and W135 are infrequent causes of disease. This paper outlines recommendations on the use of conjugate vaccines in Europe based on the experience with meningococcal C conjugate (MCC) vaccines so far.