Fig. S1 Viscoelasticity of hydrogels. Microrheology measurements of HA:gelatin over 24 hrs of gelation show three distinct profiles of hydrogel mechanics: rigid, firm and yielding. Values shown are means ± S.D. for elastic modulus (G′) over 24 hrs during the in situ gelation.

Fig. S2 Time interval images of EPCs on rigid, firm and yielding substrates. Rapid chain assembly and CLS formation on softer substrates along the 12-hr culture period. Scale bar is 100 μm.

Fig. S3 RNAi for MT1-MMP and Cdc42. (A) Real-time RT-PCR analysis of siRNA transfected CB-EPCs shows significant suppression of MT1-MMP (left graph) or Cdc42 (right graph) compared to controls (Luciferase-transfected EPCs). Significance levels were set at *P < 0.05 and ***P < 0.001, respectively. (B) Western blot analysis shows suppression of MT1-MMP (left panel) or Cdc42 (right panel) at protein level compared to Luciferase control. (C) Light microscope images of CB-EPCs transfected with Luciferase, MT1-MMP or Cdc42 seeded on rigid, firm and yielding substrates for 12 hrs. Scale bar is 100 μm.

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