Fig. S1 Quantification by FACS analysis of the neurons differentiated within ES-PA6 co-cultures.

Fig. S2 Cytofluorimetric absolute cells count of ES-derived cells and PA6 cells.

Fig. S3 biochemical detection and quantification of Oct4 protein in ES-PA6 co-cultures.

Fig. S4 analysis of gene expression upon FGF2 or BMP4 stimulation.

Fig. S5 characterization by immunofluorescence analysis of ES-PA6 cocultures for the presence of glia, endoderm, pancreatic and smooth muscle cells.

Fig. S6 Gene expression analysis in pure PA6 cell cultures stimulated with FGF2.

Fig. S7 2D in vitro differentiation of Flk1-/- and Tal1-/- ES cell lines.

Table S1 List of shRNA MISSION clones used to stably knock-down the expression of Flk1, Ace, Tal1 and T.

Table S2 list of the genes used to customize the Taqman Low Density Array.

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