• multi-tyrosine kinases inhibitor;
  • angiogenesis;
  • anti-tumour activity


Angiogenesis plays an important role in neoplastic transformation and progression as well as in the metastasis process of most human cancers. Herein, we identified AL3810 as a novel and orally bioavailable small molecular inhibitor with potent inhibitory activity against multiple tyrosine kinases involved in the process of angiogenesis. We found that AL3810 substantially inhibited the autophosphorylation of VEGFR2, PDGFRβ and FGFR1 in endothelial cells. Moreover, AL3810 exhibited potent anti-angiogenesis activity, manifested by significant inhibition of microvessel outgrowth of rat arterial ring and chickallantochorion membrane (CAM) in ex vivo angiogenesis models. Daily dosing of AL3810 has shown broad-spectrum anti-tumour activity in human kidney, pancreas, liver cancer xenograft models. Importantly, immunohistochemistry results demonstrated that the anti-tumour activity of AL3810 was closely correlated with its anti-angiogenesis activity, as demonstrated by a decreased microvessel area and reduced microvessel numbers in tumour tissues. The overall pharmacological profiles of AL3810 are superior to sorafenib. The clinical trials of AL3810 will soon be launched in China.