Sexual behaviour in a centre for epilepsy


Dr. P.B.C. Fenwick Maudsley Hospital Denmark Hill London SE5 England


ABSTRACT – The sexual behaviour and hormonal profiles in 97 patients with chronic epilepsy from an epilepsy centre were studied. Sexual behaviour relating to numbers of sexual contacts, orgasms, spontaneous erections, and early morning erections, whether there was difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection, or in ejaculation, was assessed at interview. Hormonal profiles consisted of LH, FSH, prolactin, total testosterone, free testosterone, and SHBG. Information was obtained relating to type of seizure, seizure frequency, age of onset, likely pathology, IQ, and medication. The study showed that this patient group was profoundly hyposexual and had a high level of sexual dysfunction. Serum free testosterone levels were low, and it is suggested that the high level of sexual dysfunction and lack of sexual interest may well have a hormonal basis. The reasons for this are discussed.