Monoamine oxidase, dopamine and Parkinson's disease


Dept. Medical Pharmacology, University of Uppsala, P.O.B. 593 S-75124 Uppsala, Sweden


Four aspects about monoamine oxidase (MAO; E.C. are of obvious interest in relation to Parkinson's disease and its treatment with the irreversible and selective MAO-B inhibitor L-deprenyl and are discussed in this review: 1) To what extent the two forms of MAO are of importance for the deamination of dopamine and to what degree MAO localised inside and outside of dopaminergic nerve terminals contributes 2) The kinetics of the MAO-protein, i.e. the rate of recovery of MAO after irreversible inhibition. 3) To what extent MAO may be changed as a consequence of the pathophysiological processes. 4) To what extent MAO may be involved as a force in the pathophysiological processes.