Intrinsic and drug-induced seizures of adult and developing gerbils


A. Seto-Ohshima, Inst. Developmental Research, Aichi Prefectural Colony, Aichi 480–03, Japan.


Seizures elicited by posture change and intraperioneal administration of convulsants were studied ontogenetically in the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus). In posture change, the first signs of seizure appeared after age 6 weeks with maximal frequency at 8–9 weeks. Adults developed complex, but stereotyped, seizures. Facial twitch was followed by the generalized covulsion, further porgressing to trembling of the limbs and then kicking of the hindlimb (full seizure) after 55 days of age.

Pentylenetetrazole induced a seizure similar to the full event in gerbils as young as 37 days of age. The seizure pattern elicited by strychnine or glutamate was different from that of pentylenetetrazole.