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Treatment of status epilepticus and acute repetitive seizures with i.v. valproic acid vs phenytoin


Ronit Gilad, MD, Department of Neurology, Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon 58100, Israel
Tel.: +972 3 502 8512
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Objective –  To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of the treatment with valproic acid (VPA) in patients with status epilepticus (SE) or acute repetitive seizures (ARS) comparing it with phenytoin (PHT) treatment.

Materials and methods –  Patients with SE or ARS were treated in a consecutive manner with either VPA or PHT intravenously. The primary endpoint was defined as clinical seizure cessation; the secondary endpoint was evaluation of drug tolerability.

Results –  Seventy-four adult patients with SE or ARS participated in the study, 49 with VPA i.v. and 25 PHT i.v. In 43 (87.8%) of the VPA patients, the seizures discontinued, and no rescue medication was needed. Similar results were found in the PHT group in which seizures of 22 (88%) patients were well controlled. Side effects were found in 12% of the PHT group, and in none of the VPA group.

Conclusions –  VPA i.v. seems to be effective and well tolerated in adult patients with SE or ARS.