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Validity of the Danish Prostate Symptom Score questionnaire in stroke


Sigrid Tibaek, PT, Dr Med Sci, Department of Geriatrics and Rheumatology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Glostrup, Nordre Ringvej, DK-2600 Glostrup, Denmark
Tel.: +45 43233092
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Objective –  To determine the content and face validity of the Danish Prostate Symptom Score (DAN-PSS-1) questionnaire in stroke patients.

Materials and methods –  Content validity was judged among an expert panel in neuro-urology. The judgement was measured by the content validity index (CVI). Face validity was indicated in a clinical sample of 482 stroke patients in a hospital-based, cross-sectional survey.

Results –  I-CVI was rated >0.78 (range 0.94–1.00) for 75% of symptom and bother items corresponding to adequate content validity. The expert panel rated the entire DAN-PSS-1 questionnaire highly relevant (S-CVI = 1.00). No experts suggested items omitted or improved. The response rate was 84% and face validity had an acceptable level of completed response for each symptom items (96–98%) and bother items (93–96%) indicating that all items were well interpreted.

Conclusion –  The DAN-PSS-1 questionnaire appears to be content and face valid for measuring lower urinary tract symptoms after stroke.

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