• epilepsy;
  • postoperative seizures;
  • seizure outcome;
  • surgery

Alfstad KÅ, Lossius MI, Røste GK, Mowinckel P, Scheie D, Borota OC, Larsson PG, Nakken KO. Acute postoperative seizures after epilepsy surgery – a long-term outcome predictor? Acta Neurol Scand: 2011: 123: 48–53. © 2010 The Authors Journal compilation © 2010 Blackwell Munksgaard.

Objectives –  The prognostic value of acute postoperative seizures (APS) after epilepsy surgery is much debated. This study evaluated APS, defined as seizures in the first week post-surgery, as a predictor of long-term seizure outcome, and investigated the utility of other potential outcome predictors.

Materials and methods –  Medical records of 48 patients with temporal and extra-temporal epilepsy surgery were studied. Forty patients had lesional surgery. All had at least 2 year postoperative follow-up.

Results –  At 2 year follow-up, 25 patients (53%) were seizure free. Univariate analysis showed that APS (= 0.048), using ≥six AEDs prior to surgery (= 0.03), pathological postoperative EEG (= 0.043) and female gender (= 0.012) were associated with seizure recurrence.

Conclusions –  Univariate analysis indicate that APS, a high number of AEDs used prior to surgery, and pathological postoperative EEG are possible predictors of seizure recurrence after epilepsy surgery. Only gender retained significance in the multivariate analysis.