Riboflavin-ultraviolet light induced cross-linking in endothelial decompensation


Niels Ehlers
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Purpose:  To evaluate the potential of collagen cross-linking in the treatment of corneal oedema caused by endothelial decompensation.

Methods:  Riboflavin-ultraviolet (UV) treatment induces cross-linking and reduces stromal swelling. Eleven patients with corneal oedema were treated. The technique comprised: epithelial abrasion; instillation of 0.1% riboflavin in saline, and 5.4 J/cm2 illumination with 365 nm UV-A light over approximately 30 mins (3 mW/cm2).

Results:  A reduction in corneal thickness was observed in 10 patients. The majority also experienced improvement in vision. The effect occurred over weeks and lasted for months.

Conclusions:  The study shows a potential application of collagen cross-linking in the management of patients with corneal oedema. Experimental and additional clinical studies are necessary in order to define the precise indications for this type of treatment.