• Antisocial character;
  • pedophilic offences;
  • hyperactivity;
  • immaturity;
  • intelligence;
  • contact difficulties

The purpose of the study was to clarify how pedophilic offenders with antisocial character (psychopathy) differ from “ordinary” pedophilic offenders, among whom there are many persons with immaturity and contact difficulties. For this purpose all pedophilia cases subjected to mental examination during a period of 25 years were investigated. Of these 81 cases, 38 could be regarded as antisocial characters on the basis of the current diagnostic criteria. The others were regarded as controls.

The criminals with antisocial character had also been involved in other kinds of crimes and had had hyperactivity problems more often than controls. The controls were often immature, had a low intelligence, and were less able to have relations with adult people than were antisocial characters. However, according to the present results, these features might also make criminals with antisocial character more susceptible to pedophilia.