• Premenstrual syndromes;
  • Premenstrual Assessment Form;
  • Unipolar Summary Scales;
  • Bipolar Continua;
  • Typological Categories

The Premenstrual Assessment Form (PAF) is a new self report procedure designed to measure changes in mood, behavior, and physical condition during the premenstrual period. It reflects the great variability of premenstrual syndromes as opposed to the common practice of viewing these changes as a single entity. In comparison to commonly used procedures, the PAF 1) contains a broader variety and more specific descriptions of positive as well as negative changes; 2) provides Unipolar Summary Scales and Bipolar Continua which are sensitive measures for indexing levels of severity on various types of change; and 3) provides specific criteria for Typological Categories descriptive of different syndromes of change, especially those of mood and behavior. The paper describes the development of the PAF and the three scoring Systems and illustrates the sensitivity of the individual items and scoring Systems in reflecting the great diversity of change manifested during the premenstrual period.