Psychometric properties of the Manchester Scale


H.J. Jackson, Private Bag No 3, P.O., Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia


This article reports a preliminary investigation of the psychometric properties of the Manchester Scale (MS). Fifty-three patients were assessed on the instrument, 33 at time 1 (7–10 days after admission) and 53 at time 2 (during the week prior to discharge). Interrater reliabilities were generally good at time 2. The factor analyses conducted on the 8 MS items at times 1 and 2 suggest that MS contains a heterogeneous group of items: only the MS negative symptoms were related to one another. The MS positive and negative symptoms were strongly correlated with their counterpart items on the Schedules for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms and Negative Symptoms, suggesting that the MS items have good concurrent validity.