Attempted suicide and depression in schizophrenia


  • Addington DE, Addington JM. Attempted suicide and depression in schizophrenia.

Dr. D. Addington, Department of Psychiatry, Foothills Hospital, 1403 29 Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 2T9, Canada


The relationships between symptoms and both prior suicide attempts and current suicidal thinking were examined in a sample of schizophrenics at 2 points in time. Fifty subjects meeting DSM-III criteria for schizophrenia were assessed within 1 week of admission, and 41 were reassessed at a 6-month follow-up. On admission, prior suicide attempts were significantly associated with current depression, female sex, lower education and more frequent hospitalization. The association with depression remained significant at follow-up. In addition, current suicidal thinking was associated with depression at both times but also with negative symptoms at time 1 and delusions and hallucinations at time 2. These findings confirm and strengthen prior reports of an association between depression and attempted suicide.