• schizophrenia;
  • magnetic resonance;
  • chemical shift imaging

Phosphorus-31 chemical shift imaging showed regional abnormalities of in vivo31P NMR spectra in the brains of chronic schizophrenic patients. In the left temporal region, the level of % phosphodiesters (PDE) was increased and the level of %γαβ-ATP (obtained by summation of γ-ATP, α-ATP, and β-ATP) was decreased. In the basal ganglia, the levels of % PDE were decreased and the level of % phosphomonoesters was increased. The levels of %γαβ-ATP were increased in the right basal ganglia. The level of % phosphocreatine was decreased in the frontoparietal region. These findings may represent different patterns of dysfunction of membrane phospholipid bilayers and high-energy phosphate metabolism in the specific cerebral regions.