Binge eating versus nonpurged eating in bulimics: is there a carbohydrate craving after all?


*Department of Nutrition, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 21, S-752 37 Uppsala, Sweden


Food selection and macro nutrient content were evaluated in a group of bulimic subjects, both during the nonpurged intake and the bingeing. Dietary data was assessed by single 24-hour recall. As expected, energy distribution and food selection differed markedly between the nonpurged diet and the binges. The main differences were related to an inverse relationship in the order of macro nutrients, fat being the dominant and protein the least important source of macro nutrients during binge eating. The nutrient content during binges admittedly had a preponderance for fat. Nevertheless, the primary choice of food items during binges was carbohydrates, which was shown both by a greater quantity and by the subjects’ own desires.