Risk factors for post-stroke depression


Grethe Andersen, Deptartment of Neurology, Aalborg Hospital, P.O. Box 365, DK-9100 Aalborg, Denmark


An unselected cohort of 285 stroke patients, median age 69 years, were studied for correlation between potential risk factors and the 1-year incidence of post-stroke depression (PSD). The following factors correlated significantly with PSD: a history of previous stroke, a history of previous depression, female gender, living alone and social distress prestroke. Further, social inactivity, decrease in social activity, pathological crying and intellectual impairment at 1 month but not functional outcome correlated to PSD. A multivariate regression analysis showed that intellectual impairment explained 42% of variance of mood score. Major depression was unrelated to lesion location. We conclude that etiology to PSD is a complex mixture of prestroke personal and social factors, and stroke induced social, emotional and intellectual handicap.