• avoidant personality disorder;
  • anxious personality disorder;
  • Social phobia;
  • anxiety

Ono Y, Yoshimura K, Sueoka R, Yamauchi K, Mizushima H, Momose T, Nakamura K, Okonogi K, Asai M. Avoidant personality disorder and taijin kvoufu: Sociocultural implications of the WHO/ ADAMHA International Study of Personality Disorders in Japan. Acta Psychiatr Scand 1996: 93: 172–176. © Munksgaard 1996.

This paper discusses the characteristics of avoidant personality disorder in a cultural context based on the Japanese concept of taijin kyoufu as well as that of DSM-III-R and DSM-IV Social phobia. Sixty-six patients were given the International Personality Disorder Examination and questionnaires including the Beck Anxiety Inventory. Among the 23 DSM-III-R personality disorder patients, 8 patients were diagnosed as having avoidant personality disorder. Six of them were suffering from taijin kyoufu symptoms. Among 27 ICD personality disorder patients, 22 patients were diagnosed as having ICD anxious personality disorder. All DSM avoidant patients were included in the ICD anxious group. These findings suggest that patients with avoidant personality disorder have had a long history of difficulties and share common personality problems with a milder form of taijin kyoufu, which is conceptually different from Social phobia.