Repetition of parasuicide —ICD-10 personality disorders and adversity


Bryan L. Dirks, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital Observatory, 7925, South Africa


Patients with a history of previous parasuicide were compared to those who had made their first attempt. A scale for suicidal ideation derived from the Scaled Version of the General Health Questionnaire was completed by patients. ICD-10 personality disorder diagnoses were derived from the Standardized Assessment of Personality which was administered to knowledgeable informants. Logistic regression showed that unemployment, increasing severity of suicidal ideation, previous psychiatric treatment and borderline personality disorder increased the risk of reports of previous parasuicide. Anankastic personality disorder decreased the risk of reports of previous parasuicide. Unemployment and specific personality disorders have independent risks for repetition of parasuicide. Specific ICD-10 personality disorders may increase or decrease the risk for repetition of parasuicide.