• Granular cell tumor;
  • bronchus;
  • esophagus

We present a case of granular cell tumor (GCT) occurring in the esophagus 7 years after operation for bronchial GCT. A 59-year-old Japanese man complained of epigastralgia, and endoscopic examination of the upper digestive tract disclosed a submucosal tumor in the lower esophagus. Histological examination of the endoscopic mucosal resection of the esophageal tumor showed a proliferation of neoplastic cells with an eosinophilic and granular cytoplasm. The cytoplasm of the neoplastic cells was histochemically positive for PAS stain and immunohistochemically positive for S-100. This tumor did not fulfill any of the diagnostic criteria for malignancy at either the macroscopic or microscopic level. I believe that this is the first case of GCT occurring metachronously in the respiratory and digestive tracts. Clinicians and pathologists should bear in mind that GCT may arise metachronously in the respiratory and digestive tracts.