Fig.  S1 Univariate analysis of overall survival after pancreatoduodenectomy for patients with pancreatobiliary-type tumours operated 1980–1997 (n = 73; one patient with missing data for tumour size) evaluating size by quartiles of estimated tumour diameter (≤1.6, n = 28; 1.7–2.0, n = 24; 2.1–3.0, n = 10; 3.1+, n = 11; total number of events 61, with the remaining 12 patients censored after 5 years of follow-up).

Fig.  S2 Tumour size estimates vs number of blocks sampled, before (1980–1997) and after (1998–2004) standardizing histopathological evaluation; sampling was not significantly associated with tumour size (blocks vs size, p = 0.69 for 1980–1997 and p = 0.27 for 1998–2004).

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