Umm an-Nar burial 401 at Bat, Oman: architecture and finds



The archaeological site at Bat has an important status with regard to research on the Umm an-Nar culture. Investigations began there in 1972 and were revived in 2004, when the excavation of tomb 401 was begun. This paper presents the complete corpus of grave-goods. Despite all the disturbances within the find layers, when comparing the two chambers it is possible to observe some indications of the different burial cycles and detect distinguishing characteristics. Taking into account the divergent earlier and later ceramic styles, burial use must be proposed between 2400 and 2200 BC. This date accords with observations of the architectural details of tomb 401 and with the sequence of tomb construction types in the Bat region.

This paper is dedicated to the memory of professor Gerd Weisgerber.