A case–control study to investigate an association between adverse pregnancy outcome and periodontal disease


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Objectives: The aim of this case–control study was to ascertain if women who experienced a preterm (or premature) birth had any differences in periodontal disease severity compared with women who delivered at term.

Material and Methods: Subjects were recruited postpartum. Case subjects delivered a baby before 37 weeks of gestation whereas control subjects gave birth at or around term. A questionnaire was administered by a Research Midwife, designed to collect demographic information, pregnancy outcome variables and information on other factors which may influence health in pregnancy. A periodontal examination was then performed at the bedside.

Results: Demographic variables were similar between case and control subjects. There was a higher proportion of case subjects who reported smoking. There were no differences in oral hygiene, bleeding on probing or loss of attachment; however, control subjects had a higher proportion of periodontal pockets probing 5 mm or greater.

Conclusions: There was no association between the severity of periodontal disease and pregnancy outcome in this population.