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Advances in the progression of periodontitis and proposal of definitions of a periodontitis case and disease progression for use in risk factor research

Group C Consensus report of the 5th European workshop in periodontology


  • M.S. Tonetti,

    1. Department of Periodontology, University of Connecticut Health Center Farmington, Farmington, CT, USA
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  • N. Claffey,

    1. Department of Periodontology, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
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  • on behalf of the European Workshop in Periodontology group C

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    • *Group participants: Patrick Adriaens, Iain Chapple, Jacques Charon, Ioannis Fourmousis, Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, Bruno Loos, Richard Palmer, Panos Papapanou, Stefan Renvert, Aubrey Soskolne, Edwin Winkel.

Maurizio Tonetti
Division of Periodontitis
Dept. of Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences
University of Conneticut Health Centre
Farmington, CT, USA

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