• Animal Sensitization experiments;
  • Croton allergy;
  • occupational plant dermatitis;
  • phorbol esters

One of today's most decorative and popular ornamental potted plants is Croton. Handling this plant over a period of 6 months produced contact eczema of the hands in a nursery gardener. Patch tests with Croton leaves were positive. Control tests remained negative. Sensitization experiments in guinea pigs with a methanolic extract of the leaves were successful.

All results of the study indicate that:

  • – latex of croton produces no primary irritant reaction

  • – latex is able to induce a real contact allergy

  • – contact allergens are constituents of the milky sap.

Whether the di- and triesters of phorbol so far isolated as irritant and cocarcinogenic factors from the latex of various Euphorbiaceae species and sensitizers shall be investigated in fürther experiments.