• corneosurfarmetry;
  • fabrics;
  • irritation;
  • sensitive skin;
  • surfactant;
  • stratum corneum;
  • bioengineering methods

Products intended for individuals with sensitive skin are being increasingly developed by formulators of household cleaning products. However, there is currently no consensus about the definition and recognition of the biological basis of sensitive skin. We sought to determine the relation between the nature of environmental threat perceived as aggressive by panelists, and the stratum corneum reactivity lo household cleaning products as measured by the corneosurfametry lest. Results indicate substantial differences in irritancy potential between proprietary products. Corneosurfametry data show significant differences in stratum corneum reactivity between, on file one hand, individuals with cither non-sensitive skin or skin sensitize to climate-fabrics, and, on the other hand, individuals with detergent-sensitive skin. It is concluded that sensitive skin is not one single condition. Sound information in rating detergent sensitive skin may be gained by corneosurfametry.