• allergic contact dermatitis;
  • cow’s hair;
  • patch test

A 32-year-old farmer woman with delayed type of allergy to cow’s hair is described in this study. She had the 5-year history of erythematous, desquamative lesions on the dorsal side of the hands and forearms. Shortly after entering the cowshed, she showed relapse of skin symptoms and total regression when she was away from the farm. The patch test to European standard series, hair of the cow from the patient’s cowshed, hay, and stable hay was performed. Additionally, prick tests were performed on inhalant allergens such as hair of the cow from the patient’s cowshed, hay, stable hay and cow’s milk, total immunoglobulin class E (IgE) together and specific IgE to cow dander and milk. Patch test showed positive reaction to cow’s hair, cobalt chloride, nickel sulfate, and thimerosal. All other tests were negative.