A 60-year-old woman developed a progressive linear pigmentation on the trunk. Skin biopsy demonstrated an increase in the number and size of neural fibers in the dermis. Clinical and paraclinical investigations of this unusual disease showed findings similar to the hereditary type of Sipple syndrome (multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome, Type 2b). Such findings as Marfanoid habitus, abnormal electromyography and hypertrophy of the conical nerves suggest that our patient's disease and Sip-pie syndrome are identical. However, such other symptoms of Sipple syndrome as presence of endocrine tumors are absent. Questions of long-term prognosis and physiopathogenicity are raised, since no nerve growth factor was detected in this patient. The name of linear cutaneous neuromas is suggested for the patient's lesions, and a possible association with the pigmentation and cutaneous neuromas of the MEN 2b syndrome.