NeuralEnsembles: a neural network based ensemble forecasting program for habitat and bioclimatic suitability analysis


  • Jesse R. O'Hanley

J. R. O'Hanley (, Kent Business School, Univ. of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7PE, UK.


NeuralEnsembles is an integrated modeling and assessment tool for predicting areas of species habitat/bioclimatic suitability based on presence/absence data. This free, Windows based program, which comes with a friendly graphical user interface, generates predictions using ensembles of artificial neural networks. Models can quickly and easily be produced for multiple species and subsequently be extrapolated either to new regions or under different future climate scenarios. An array of options is provided for optimizing the construction and training of ensemble models. Main outputs of the program include text files of suitability predictions, maps and various statistical measures of model performance and accuracy.