ModestR: a software tool for managing and analyzing species distribution map databases


E. García-Roselló, Computer Science Dept, Univ. of Vigo, Campus Lagoas-Marcosende s/n, ES-36310 Vigo, Spain. E-mail:


The ModestR package consists of three applications: MapMaker, DataManager and MRFinder. MapMaker facilitates making range maps by drawing the areas, by importing existing data or using the Global Biodiversity Information Facility portal. It can discriminate between different habitats, thereby making data cleaning tasks easier. DataManager allows the management of taxonomically structured databases for range maps. MRFinder supports querying ModestR databases to find the species present in specific areas. Possible applications include the compilation and management of species distribution databases, cleaning data and computing aggregated data to perform subsequent analyses in other packages thanks to emphasized interoperability.