• blue sucker;
  • use distribution;
  • telemetry;
  • seasonal

Abstract –  Blue suckers, Cycleptus elongatus, are a highly mobile species speculated to have spring spawning migrations. However, previous studies have not quantified seasonal migrations of blue suckers. Use distributions were calculated at 90% and 50% for three seasons to identify geographic space-use requirements of blue suckers. Mean 90% use distributions (±SE) varied from 8.1 km (±5.3 km) in summer to 78.6 km (±9.9 km) in fall to 174.9 km (±13.1 km) in spring. The great space-use requirements of blue suckers in fall and spring indicate that the species makes substantial upstream migrations in fall and also preceding spawning in spring, then return to a core area postspawning. The broad geographical range occupied by blue suckers throughout their life-history cycle emphasises the need for interjurisdictional management of the species and highlights potential detrimental effects of blocking fish passage.