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CD10 expression in tumour and stromal cells of bladder carcinoma: an association with bilharziasis


  • Received 4 December 2006.

    Accepted 19 March 2007.

Asmaa Abdou , Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine , Menofiya University , Shebein Elkom , Egypt . e-mail: Asmaa_


CD10 is a cell surface zinc metalloprotease expressed in a variety of normal cell types, including lymphoid precursor cells, germinal centre B lymphocytes and some epithelial cells. The aim of this study was to assess the prognostic value of CD10 in bladder carcinoma. The expression of CD10 was immunohistochemically assessed in 49 cases of primary bladder carcinoma in comparison with 10 non-neoplastic normal bladder mucosa specimens. 27 cases (55%) were tumour CD10+ and tumour CD10 positivity was significantly correlated with advanced stage, larger tumor size, and shorter mean survival time. Extensive tumoral staining assessed by H score further documented the positive correlation of CD10 with worse prognostic factors in the whole group and its subdivisions (SCC and TCC), in addition to its significant association with bilharziasis in SCC. Only CD10-tumour positivity in the whole group proved to be an independent prognostic factor for overall survival by multivariate analysis. No significant value of stromal CD10 expression in the investigated bladder carcinoma cases was found. This study points to the prognostic value of neoplastic CD10 expression in bladder carcinoma and its possible importance in facilitating tumour invasion and metastasis. Bilharziasis could have a role in upregulation of CD10 expression in SCC.