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S1PR2 links germinal center confinement and growth regulation


Jason Cyster
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143-0414, USA
Tel.: +1 405 502 6427
Fax: +1 405 502 8424


Summary:  Germinal centers (GCs) are sites of rapid B-cell proliferation and somatic mutation. These ovoid structures develop within the center of follicles and grow to a stereotypic size. The cell migration and interaction dynamics underlying GC B-cell selection events are currently under intense scrutiny. In recent study, we identified a role for a migration inhibitory receptor, S1PR2, in promoting GC B-cell confinement to GCs. S1PR2 also dampens Akt activation and deficiency in S1PR2 or components of its signaling pathway result in a loss of growth control in chronically stimulated mucosal GCs. Herein, we detail present understanding of S1PR2 and S1P biology as it pertains to GC B cells and place this information in the context of a current model of GC function.