• alcoholic liver disease;
  • chronic alcoholism

ABSTRACT— To study the profile of alcoholic liver disease in India, 144 consecutive, histologically diagnosed patients were prospectively studied. The patients were divided into those having alcoholic fatty liver (AFL) (Gr. I, n = 32), alcoholic hepatitis (AH) (Gr. II, n = 42) and alcoholic cirrhosis (AC) (Gr. III, n = 70) on the basis of their histological findings. All the patients were males, those with fatty liver being younger than those with cirrhosis. The amount of alcohol consumed by patients with AFL, AH and AC was not significantly different. Similarly, the duration of alcohol consumption was not significantly different between the three groups of patients. The clinical features of the patients were quite similar to those reported from the West, except that AH was relatively milder in our patients. Intake of poor quality country liquor was quite common (60%), but its use was not found to be associated with more severe liver injury as compared with the use of good quality foreign varieties of liquor.