Tryglycylvasopressin-reduced portal and systemic concentrations of serum bile acids after exogenous chenodeoxycholic acid load in rats as a reflection of reduced splanchnic blood flow


Cattedra di Gastroenterologia ISMI Viale Benedetto XV no. 6 16132 Genova, Italy


ABSTRACT— The effect of triglycylvasopressin (TGVP) on the absorption of chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) was investigated in three groups of six rats (controls, CDCA, CDCA + TGVP) through the evaluation of portal and caval serum bile acids (SBA) concentrations after an oral load with CDCA to investigate whether changes in this parameter reflect variations in splanchnic blood flow induced by a vasoconstrictor. The results indicate that CDCA was absorbed and led to a significant increase in SBA. This increase was reduced by TGVP administration: portal blood 380.0 ± 61.2 vs 279.7 ± 45.3; caval blood 151.8 ± 45.7 vs 41.7 ± 12.5 (μmol/1; mean ± s.d.). This suggests that variations in SBA concentrations could reflect changes in splanchnic circulation.