• biopsy;
  • isolated perfused system;
  • liver;
  • method;
  • rat

Abstract: We describe a simple method of performing sequential excision biopsies during liver reperfusion in the isolated perfused rat liver. After hepatectomy, four ligatures (5.0 silk) tied with a slip knot are placed around the pedicles of: (1) the inferior and (2) the superior parts of the caudate lobe, as well as (3) the inferior and (4) the superior parts of the right lateral lobe. At the time of biopsy, the prepared 5.0 silk ties are tightened with sufficient force to occlude the vascular pedicle, preventing leakage of circulating perfusate. The procedure provides four biopsies of more than 350 mg each without alteration of perfusate transaminases and tissue ATP contents. The total tissue removed by this method comprises 20–25% of the whole liver weight.