• age effects;
  • monkeys;
  • veterinary care of older primates

Abstract: Identifying changes with age in physiological variables of captive nonhuman primates will aid in the proper treatment and clinical diagnosis of these animals, as well as enhance our understanding of nonhuman primate models for human aging. Information for 33 physiological variables was obtained from the Primate Aging Database, a multi-centered database being developed for clinical and research use. Using multiple regression analyses, we investigated the relationship of age to hematological variables, blood chemistry and body weight in 345 captive rhesus monkeys (age range 7–30 years) from three different primate research facilities. The analyses revealed that 15 of these variables show a significant relationship with chronological age and are altered in older as compared with adult animals. Here we present the first phase of a project that will: a) identify changes with age in physiological variables among adult captive rhesus macaques; and b) characterize normative values for the aging rhesus population.