• AIDS;
  • mucosal;
  • neutralizing antibody;
  • non-human primate;
  • pre-clinical

Abstract:  Immunization of macaques with multivalent DNA encoding gp120 genes from HIV-1 subtypes A, B, C and E and a gag gene followed by boosting with homologous gp120 proteins elicited strong anti-gp120 antibodies capable of neutralizing homologous and to a lesser degree heterologous HIV-1 isolates. Both Env- and Gag-specific cell mediated immune (CMI) responses were detected in the immunized animals. Following rectal challenge with an SHIV isolate encoding HIV-1Ba-Lenv, plasma viremia in the infected immunized animals was significantly lower than that observed in the naïve animals. Further, one of six immunized animals was completely protected whereas all six naïve animals were infected. These results demonstrate that a vaccine based on priming with a polyvalent DNA vaccine from multiple HIV-1 subtypes followed by boosting with homologous Env proteins elicits anti-HIV-1 immune responses capable of controlling rectal transmission of SHIVBa-L.