This article corrects:

  1. Interannual variation in bird–landscape relations: understanding sources of a pervasive conservation dilemma Volume 118, Issue 1, 45–54, Article first published online: 25 November 2008

There are three typographical errors in Table 1. The units for Forested wetlands 3 km and Forested wetlands 23 km should be ‘%’ (instead of m ha−1), and the maximum value for Row crops 23 km should be 16.50 (instead of 16.05). A thorough recheck of the data revealed a small discrepancy in one consistency metric (out of 10) for one species (out of 72), and in one food type value for one species. Consequently, for Table 2, the mean value for model consistency is 59.43 (instead of 59.38), and the mean value (and range) of number of food types is 2.61 (1.00–7.00) instead of 2.64 (1.00–8.00). Numbers in Table 3 that changed include AICc values (changed <0.2%), estimated regression parameters (changed <0.025), and confidence limits (changed <0.030); the R2 and r2 values in this table did not change. The corrected Table 3 is presented below. For the References, corrections are: Daly et al. 2001 should be Daly et al. 2000 (see also p. 46); Guthery, F. S. 2007 should be Guthery, F. S. and Bingham, R. L. 2007 (see also p. 47); and the correct title and page numbers for Vogelmann et al. (2001) are Completion of the 1990s National Land Cover Data Set for the conterminous United States from Landsat Thematic Mapper Data and ancillary data sources. – Photogramm. Eng. Rem. S. 67: 650–662. The discussion and conclusions were not altered in any way. The accuracy of all of the information in the paper was the sole responsibility of the lead author (SKR).

Table 3.  Estimated regression parameters (inline image) and their 95% confidence limits for models describing effects of distributional and biological traits on model consistency.
Variableinline image (95% confidence limits)r2
Distributional traits model (R2 =0.78; AICc =529.7)  
Model-selection certainty4.288 (3.522, 5.054)0.65
Mean abundance1.243 (0.327, 2.160)0.10
Number of routes–0.165 (–0.306, –0.025)0.08
Coefficient of variation in number of routes–0.388 (–0.837, 0.062)0.04
Biological traits model (R2 =0.74; AICc =536.2)
Model-selection certainty4.922 (4.233, 5.633)