Sequestration of the alveolar bone by invasive aspergillosis in acute myeloid leukemia


A. Filippi, Medizinisches Zentrum für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde, Abteilung Oralchirurgie und Zahnärztliche Poliklinik, Schlangenzahl 14, D-35392 Gießen, Germany


Compared to non-invasive aspergillosis, invasive aspergillosis in the region of the mouth, jaw and face has rarely been reported. It occurs particulary often in the presence of haematological oncological illness. The case of a patient suffering from acute myeloid leukemia is described: he contracted invasive aspergillosis of the lungs and the alveolar processes in the course of chemotherapeutic treatment. All the alveolar processes in the region of the premolars and molars were demarcated and had to be removed by sequestrectomy. The therapy of invasive aspergillosis should be carried out within the framework of intensive interdisciplinary treatment. In addition to systemic and local antimycotic therapy, the debridement of necrotic hard and soft tissue was necessary.