Coexistence of Sjögren's syndrome and sarcoidosis: a report of five cases


Ibtisam Al-Hashimi, BDS, MS, PhD, Director, Salivary Dysfunction Clinic, Baylor College of Dentistry, 3302 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75246. Tel.: 214-828-8490, Fax: 214-874-4505,


Background:  Sjögren's syndrome (SS) and sarcoidosis are diseases that can affect the salivary glands and result in the loss of salivary gland function. Most of the criteria used for the diagnosis of SS exclude sarcoidosis before establishing the diagnosis of SS. However, several reports have suggested the coexistence of both SS and sarcoidosis in the same patient.

Objective:  The purpose of this study was to present five cases that support a true coexistence of sarcoidosis and SS.

Methods:  Clinical and laboratory findings of patients with evidence of having both SS and sarcoidosis were reviewed. The diagnosis of SS was based on the European community criteria; the diagnosis of sarcoidosis was based on the presence of serological, radiographic and/or histopathologic findings that are consistent with sarcoidosis.

Results:  All patients fulfilled the criteria for the diagnosis of both diseases.

Conclusion:  Our findings appear to support a true coexistence of sarcoidosis with SS. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest removing the exclusion of sarcoidosis from the diagnostic criteria for SS.