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Immunohistochemical characterization of capsular cells in neuromuscular spindles of the neck


Dr A. Triantafyllou, Pathology Laboratory, Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Pembroke Place, Liverpool L3 5PS, UK. Tel: +44(0) 151 7065243, Fax: +44(0) 151 7065845, E-mail:


Background:  To identify capsular components of neuromuscular spindles in man by means of immunohistochemistry.

Methods:  Investigation of histologically observed neuromuscular spindles in surgical specimens with the use of markers for sheath cells and basement membranes.

Results:  Epithelial membrane antigen and CD34 immunoreactivities were found in the outer and inner capsular layers, respectively. S-100 protein was not expressed in the capsules and there was more collagen type IV than laminin.

Conclusions:  Cells resembling perineurial cells and endoneurial fibroblasts, and basement membrane rich in collagen type IV comprise the capsules of neuromuscular spindles.