Black and White: Michel Tournier, Anatole France and Genesis*


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    I want to thank Lorna Milne, Anthony Purdy and Larissa Tumanov for all their help and advice.

Vladimir Tumanov. Born 1961. PhD. University of Alberta. Associate Professor of Russian, French and Comparative Literature, University of Western Ontario, Canada. Has published Mind Reading: Unframed Direct Interior Monologue in European Fiction, Rodopi (Ed.), Amsterdam 1997, and articles on Russian, French, German and American literature.


This article deals with Michel Tournier as a writer of hypertexts. The first chapter of Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar is considered with respect to two possible unmarked hypotextual connections. The first is a short story by Anatole France entitled Balthasar, and the Song of Songs is the key element that connects France's and Tournier's texts. The second is an episode from Genesis which I term The Sister- Wife Hoax. The main concern in this study is the issue of human dignity as it relates to race and sexuality.